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Cardano GPT

CardanoGPT is an innovative project that is using artificial intelligence to empower the web3 ecosystem. By building AI-powered cutting-edge tools & products, CardanoGPT aims to revolutionize the operations of web3 projects and communities.

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Inspired by Anonymous, we intend to revolutionize the crypto & NFT market using memes. We are building an exclusive community of anonymous investors called “Anonymous Whales.” Together, we will explore cryptos & NFTs and grow our capital through sustainable investments.

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VNN Women

Web3, metaverse, staking and dao is a collection of 3333 items that will build the future with their holders in the #Cardano ecosystem.

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Akasha Rift

Akasha Rift is a story-verse NFTs, bringing a unique identity to Cardano along with soulful art and an expressive atmosphere to our world known as Terrewat.

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Chikara is a collection of 7000 “PFP” NFTs that gives you access to Kazoku (which means Family): A place where different Web3 believers all around the world with various talents and interests come together to create a strong Kazoku. Chikara holders will receive access to various exclusive utilities, experiences, drops, and more.

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Savage Bears

Savage Bears NFT is an exclusive NFT project that showcases a collection of 5555 unique bears residing on the Cardano blockchain.

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Unbothered Wolves

Unbothered Wolves is an NFT project based on the Cardano blockchain. We’re bringing nostalgic cartoon artwork, amazing lore, and unbothered vibes. Concurrently, developing tools for the entire CNFT ecosystem.

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