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$Flex Coin ADA

$FLEX is a revolutionary crypto token, soon to be launched on the Cardano Blockchain, dedicated to promoting and empowering a healthy lifestyle for individuals worldwide.

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“ΛNΛTHEMΛS” is an ancient bloodline of fierce warriors and crafty citizens wandering the CNFT realms and causing mayhem. Consisting of 3,111 none auto-generated PFPs; all shall arrive in time to disturb your peace.

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Afterlife Pals

Afterlife Pals is a project that aims to build a brand through vivid storytelling to achieve real-world utilities. We want to be the bridge between web 3 and irl through the use of our ecosystem.

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Social Ape

Social Ape is a collection of 3,333 NFTs with more than 400+ traits on Cardano Blockchain. 100% hand-drawn. Focus on Community Building and Social PFP. 🍌

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