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Unphased. A community of post-apocalyptic waste walkers, moisturized and thriving in their lane on the Cardano blockchain.

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The Abantu Tribe

Bringing African arts & culture to life on the Cardano blockchain, & creating a tribe bounded by community, positivity, authenticity and utility ☀️

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Drunk Bears

Drunk Bears bridging web3 and IRL, one drink at a time. DB goal is to bridge the gap between IRL business and web3 by creating different sources of investment and profit, rewarding their holders in various ways, thus contributing to the real utility of NFTs! 🐻 🍻

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The NeoRangers are a group of time-traveling heroes who hail from the distant future. In their own time, music and art has become a vital source of hope and inspiration, and they are determined to do whatever it takes to protect and preserve it.

The aim is to create a personal and immersive experience You as an NeoRanger NFT holder will venture on missions with the community to rescue and hunt for various artifacts.

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