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Weird Oz

WeirdOZ is a collection of 3,333 NFTs on the Cardano Blockchain. It is an art first-project with token partnerships that earn holders $tokens from partnered projects.

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Kind of a Brick

Kind of a Brick is a Lego Art CNFT Project directed to give back to holders in many streams: Highest Total Giveaway during minting stage on Cardano History, Percentage of Physical and Digital Artwork Sellings from Kodart, NFT Staking and P2E Gaming on Brickgames.io.

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Space Trainees

Space Trainees are coming on the Cardano Blockchain to develop an asset management tool and marketplace for music videos using the web3 ecosystem.

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The Platypus

The platypus is a collection of 6000 platypus with names, families, classes and kingdoms. Our goal is to be something beyond a project for cnfts collectors, we want to create something unique in our community, that will be very advantageous to be our holder and increasingly of any nft in the cardano network.

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Jackstraw NFT

Jackstraw NFT is a limited CNFT series on the Cardano blockchain offering 82 unique traits conceived by award-winning artist Anthony Freda. Jackstraw represents the common man in our society who embodies hope, forgiveness, and unity.

Utilities include 60% royalty distribution to Jackstraw NFT holders, free entry to the upcoming Freda Art gallery in the Pavia metaverse and automatic whitelisting on the next exclusive NFT collection.

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Platypus Cyberpunks

Our mission is to leverage Cardano blockchain technology to revolutionize what it means to invest in real estate. By building a fully sustainable tokenomics ecosystem that leverages real-world real estate income and marrying it with Cardano’s Proof of Stake technology. Building a world where everyone can participate in what it’s like to own a real estate rental business without all the pains that come with property ownership.

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The Working Dead

Get ready to immerse yourself in the workpocalypse comprised of our upcoming innovative genesis collection of 6,666 Skulls who have come from hell to clock onto their 9-5s on the Cardano blockchain.

The collection is built up from over 300 unique hand-drawn traits drawn by renowned artist Walter Ostile who has years of experience creating stunning visuals and art.

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Project Hydra

Planned for investors, designed for developers, built on Cardano and made for you.
Hydra is a long-term project focused on DEVELOPMENT. Let’s build a better network.

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Dropout Crypto Gang

Dropout Crypto Gang is a counterculture movement and a graphic novel addressing bullying and youth social issues. The eccentricity of our traits and characters aims to showcase diversity and acceptance. D.C.G. looks forward to bringing quality content to Cardano and also increasing awareness of current issues among youngsters. We provide artists, trailblazers, and social agitators from IRL, opportunities to showcase their work on the Cardano blockchain

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