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ADA Energy Fox Squad

At the beginning of every single activity should be a vision and a dream!

The worlds biggest and blockchain based clean energy producer/provider.
We bring Cardano and their projects to netZero emissions.

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Jetplane is building a self-service NFT launchpad on Cardano through three core products which simplifies the entire nft process for ambitious web3 projects.

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Project TAZ

Project TAZ is an NFT project about Tasmanian Devil and animals that are near extinction, we would like to help and represent them to the world by using ART-original hand drawn and lore related, and focusing on building community. Our art aims to be PFP, and being charity hub for those animals.

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Rhino Generation

Rhino (Re)Generation is collection of 5000 unique Rhinos minted on the Cardano blockchain. Our mission is to connect community members via exclusive assets and create unique ways to implement web3 and IRL perks and events.

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Bored Apes cardano Club

A community-driven NFT project, non matching any Ethereum BAYC trait combinations. Founded in April 2022 as a passion project with roots in the creators love for art, fashion & blockchain technology, Bored Apes Cardano Club comes with a long term vision to grow into a lifestyle brand and community driven experience offering value.

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