Evolutions NFT


Doxxed at February 15, 2024

Evolutions NFT
Evolutions is the next generation NFT project on the Cardano blockchain, offering collectors and gamers an unparalleled experience. With Evolutions, you can collect, level up, and evolve your digital companions, each with their own unique traits and abilities. Spanning six different companion types each with their own evolutionary line including lava, jungle, water, mountain, lightning, and dark, there are a total of 3,000 companions to discover and evolve. As you level up and earn EXP you can evolve your companion at level 5 and level 10 for new artwork and upgraded stats. Utility features like staking rewards (100% of secondary sales are rewarded to holders) and a thrilling battle arena game, Evolutions provides utility and excitement, setting a new standard in the world of NFTs. Get ready to immerse yourself in the evolution with Evolutions!
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