Crypto Dragons Den


Doxxed at February 27, 2024

Crypto Dragons Den
Crypto Dragons Den is a launchpad specializing in Seed, Private and IDO fundraising rounds for any project on any chain. Priority access to launches will be granted to holders of our Genesis Collection NFT. The Genesis Collection consists of 2500 NFTs of four rarity types - Glass, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each NFT will have the following benefits:- • Priority access to all launches on our platform • Passive income from our ASIC mining farm (estimated ROI of 12-18 months) • Voting rights as to which projects launch on our platform and which miners we purchase • Free holders only lottery for CASH prizes • Airdrops from projects that raise on our platform • Exclusive holders only giveaway competitions Each rarity level will have its own mining multiplier to receive income from the ASIC mining farm:- • Glass - 1x • Bronze - 1.25x • Silver - 1.5x • Gold - 2x The ASIC mining farm is open for any project to join forces under our 'Crypto Dragons Synergy' label. Aside from the above, we also offer advisory services for every aspect of the project lifecycle from tokenomics design / review to CEX listing to market making. Finally, we offer a 'free' fully managed NFT Collection creation service. Let us design, mint and market your collection for zero fees to you!
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