Doxxed at March 17, 2024

We Are All Together, is a Three collection-project, WAAT. The first part: WAATitty, is an NFT project incorporating a Cardano NFT collection “We Are All TittyMatrix and The Snek” and an entertaining enigma game. The collection pays tribute to Cardano, Snek, Hosky and DGAF. The traits have been meticulously hand-drawn by BME Mauriange, making 5,555 NFTs that are designed to be printed. Costing 100 ADA per unit the mint date is planned on March 29, 2024 on jpeg.store, it will last two months. WAATitty invites holders to an entertaining and deep-thinking enigma game, where participants will find a seed phrase and can win up to 55% of the mint’s revenue, meaning 300 000 ADA in case of sold-out. The mint’s revenue reward will be divided as follows: 25% ADA, 25% Snek 4% in Hosky and 1% DGAF. The 8 enigmas will be shared securely using the Vault3 application. One enigma per week will be uploaded to the token gate, starting a few days after the mint date. Holders of WAATitty will have benefits for the two following collections, next one being WAATeddy with a collective enigma game. Check out our website and social media to know more about the project and join the adventure !
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