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Block Miners

Our NFTs are backed by tangible ASIC miners located in our secure data centre

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Omega Degen Kongz

Join the Omega Degen Kongz and be the first to experience global dominance on Solana Blockchain.
Our aim is to unite the best Solana NFT collections on our P2E boxing game platform, based on our community votes via the Omega DAO. This will be a fun experience as it will bring communities together, have fun & earn at the same time.
By owning one of our NFTs, holders will receive many perks such as: staking for daily rewards, upgrading boxing stats, monthly bonus rewards & many more.

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Good Morning Degens Club

Step right into the whimsical world of GM Degens Club!

GM Degens Club is like the VIP lounge of meme NFT collections on the Cardano blockchain. It’s the place where you can embrace your inner degen while diving into the fantastical realm of digital art and community. Buckle up because we’re about to take you on a thrilling ride!
At GM Degens Club, we’re all about mixing dazzling artworks with a heaping dose of community, memes, culture, and even some blockchain magic on Cardano. Our mission? To serve up long-term value by blending the digital and physical realms. So why wait?

Join us and become a part of the extraordinary GM Degens Club community on the Cardano blockchain! It’s like an NFT adventure with a dash of degen fun. 🚀

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Club 618

Club 618 is a Trading Acadamy.
Our goal is to provide trading education, chart insights, and knowledge, wrapped up as an NFT project.
Instead of charging a monthly fee, we have created Lifetime VIP access passes.
These give you access to all the information and education you need.
There will only be 1050 Lifetime VIP passes, which grant holders exclusive access to our Clubzone.
With that access comes a reward system, holders will be rewarded a percentage of our Investment fund and Trading fund.

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Beartooth Mountain Saloon

🌟 Welcome to the heart of the Beartooth Mountain Saloon, where we embark on a journey that’s set to redefine the crypto mining landscape. In the age of digital gold, we’re here to make sure no one gets left behind. Our mission is simple yet groundbreaking – to break down the barriers that have kept the average person from enjoying the thrilling world of crypto mining. Imagine having the chance to mint an NFT, stake it with us, and ride the wave of staking rewards as we mine cryptocurrencies around the clock. We believe in democratizing the crypto space, and Beartooth Mountain Saloon is where it all begins.

🚀 At Beartooth Mountain Saloon, we’re more than just a mining project; we’re a community of digital pioneers, dreamers, and visionaries. Our journey starts with Version 1, a 1 Megawatt facility powered by a passionate team of experts and equipped with up to 261 Antminer-S21 pro ASIC miners. But this is just the first nugget of gold in our mine. Over the next five years, we’ll be rolling out three more versions, with dreams of massive 8-10 megawatt facilities that will not only power our mining operations but also fuel the dreams of our NFT holders. The Beartooth Mountain Saloon is not just a project; it’s a movement, a revolution, and an invitation to be part of something extraordinary.

🌄 So, welcome to the digital frontier, where we’re turning dreams into reality, making crypto mining accessible to all, and rewriting the rules of the game. Beartooth Mountain Saloon is where you belong, and together, we’ll chase the digital gold rush, stake our claims, and write the future of crypto mining. Buckle up, partner, because the adventure of a lifetime is about to begin, and you’re at the heart of it all. Welcome to Beartooth Mountain Saloon, where the dreams of digital gold begin! 🌐💰

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IBILECOIN ($BLC) is a cutting-edge crypto-token deployed on the Cardano blockchain, offering a decentralized financial payment network that disrupts the traditional payment system through blockchain technology. Powered by Cardano’s robust proof of stake (P.O.S) algorithm, $BLC utilizes advanced algorithms to algorithmically stabilize its reserve currency, enabling programmable payments and fostering financial infrastructure development.

What sets IBILECOIN ($BLC) apart is its unique origin story – it was created with no external funding from venture capital, no initial coin offering (ICO), and no seed funding. Instead, it has achieved total organic growth following the distribution and strategy of Bitcoin. This approach underscores $BLC’s commitment to community-driven development and ensures a fair and transparent distribution of the cryptocurrency.

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APE on Cardano

APE, the meme coin on the Cardano Blockchain, Following the footsteps of popular memecoin like SNEK , HOSKY, SHIBA-INU, DOGECOIN while leveraging the power of community to bring about genuine meme experience . This coin is here to swing you into the world of financial monkey business. Strictly for entertainment – because who said finance can’t be a barrel of laughs? Get ready to go bananas with APE! 🍌🦍💸 .

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TKF is an NFT project based on the Cardano Blockchain bringing Real World Assets in specialised construction plant to the blockchain. Our mission is to plant the flag for the way businesses invest in and manage these assets, creating a secure, transparent, and efficient ecosystem.

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$Kiseki is the 1st AI MEMECOIN on Cardano.
What does that mean? Kiseki has been entirely imagined by a decentralized AI, Bittensor.

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Angel Finance

Angel Fianance is an Angel themed passive income project on Cardano. The money raised from the $Angels ITO will be used to farm yield, trade CNTs, participate in ISPOs and trade stock options. Profits are paid out every month.

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