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Burger Society

The main goal of The Burger Society is to guarantee a daily win ratio, rug proof calls, advises and secret tips. More than a community, The Burger society consider its members safety a priority and their burger money a duty.

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Necro League

The Necro League is a multi-purpose Web3 project by gamer crypto enthusiasts. We create NFTs with meaningful utilities and engaging interrelations while offering passive income and supporting children through charity.

– The Necro League Platform allows you to interact with your NFTs from our collections and play a Fantasy RPG – Kingdom type browser game.
– 10 % of our revenue is donated to smaller organisations and hospitals, who take action and give real help to children
– Necro League NFT holders get a share of our revenue every 4 months, based on type, quantity, rarity and loyalty

**Play together, earn together, help together.**

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Hoshi’s Pixel World

Hoshi’s Pixel World is an exclusive collection of 2,222 NFTs, featuring Hoshi the panda and blending artistic creativity with cutting-edge technology. A notable feature of this project is the distribution of 50% of the total supply of our meme-inspired cryptocurrency, $HOSHI, through airdrops to NFT holders, which are anticipated to occur in Q3/Q4 2024.

Key Features:

Unique NFTs: An extensive collection of 2,222 unique pixel art pieces.
Community Rewards: Exclusive airdrops of the $HOSHI memecoin specifically for NFT holders, enhancing the value of the collection and fostering engagement and loyalty within the community.

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ERMO is a meme coin whose main objective is to spread love across all chains. ERMO is red in color, has a prominent orange nose, and a kind smile that makes it very special among those who appreciate it. ERMO rewards its friends with prizes, rewards, and unique surprises. ERMO is not just a meme without utility; ERMO is the meme that transcends the frontier of possibilities, a singularity.

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Project Description:

AdaHumans: where the digital meets the tangible. Our NFT project isn’t just about collecting digital art— it’s about unlocking real-world utility and opportunities for our community.

Investing a portion of minting funds in a reputed transportation company in Duabi is a strategic move that can potentially yield significant returns and further enhance the utility of AdaHumans NFTs.

Integration of a staking platform, empowering NFT holders to maximize their assets’ potential. By staking their NFTs, users earn rewards and contribute to the growth of our ecosystem.

AdaHumans isn’t just another NFT project—it’s a revolution in digital ownership, where utility and innovation converge to create meaningful value for our community.

Join us and be part of the future of NFTs.

**#Together we create tomorrow**

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We Are All Together, is a Three collection-project, WAAT.

The first part:

WAATitty, is an NFT project incorporating a Cardano NFT collection “We Are All TittyMatrix and The Snek” and an entertaining enigma game.

The collection pays tribute to Cardano, Snek, Hosky and DGAF.

The traits have been meticulously hand-drawn by BME Mauriange, making 5,555 NFTs that are designed to be printed. Costing 100 ADA per unit the mint date is planned on March 29, 2024 on jpeg.store, it will last two months.

WAATitty invites holders to an entertaining and deep-thinking enigma game, where participants will find a seed phrase and can win up to 55% of the mint’s revenue, meaning 300 000 ADA in case of sold-out.
The mint’s revenue reward will be divided as follows: 25% ADA, 25% Snek 4% in Hosky and 1% DGAF.
The 8 enigmas will be shared securely using the Vault3 application. One enigma per week will be uploaded to the token gate, starting a few days after the mint date.

Holders of WAATitty will have benefits for the two following collections, next one being WAATeddy with a collective enigma game.

Check out our website and social media to know more about the project and join the adventure !

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Crypto Dragons Den

Crypto Dragons Den is a launchpad specializing in Seed, Private and IDO fundraising rounds for any project on any chain. Priority access to launches will be granted to holders of our Genesis Collection NFT.

The Genesis Collection consists of 2500 NFTs of four rarity types – Glass, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each NFT will have the following benefits:-
• Priority access to all launches on our platform
• Passive income from our ASIC mining farm (estimated ROI of 12-18 months)
• Voting rights as to which projects launch on our platform and which miners we purchase
• Free holders only lottery for CASH prizes
• Airdrops from projects that raise on our platform
• Exclusive holders only giveaway competitions

Each rarity level will have its own mining multiplier to receive income from the ASIC mining farm:-

• Glass – 1x
• Bronze – 1.25x
• Silver – 1.5x
• Gold – 2x

The ASIC mining farm is open for any project to join forces under our ‘Crypto Dragons Synergy’ label.

Aside from the above, we also offer advisory services for every aspect of the project lifecycle from tokenomics design / review to CEX listing to market making. Finally, we offer a ‘free’ fully managed NFT Collection creation service. Let us design, mint and market your collection for zero fees to you!

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Pangolin Protocol

Pangolin Protocol is a complete white-glove minting ​service that safeguards communities by ​releasing capital to founding teams as ​roadmap milestones are successfully ​completed.

With benefits to clients and investors Pangolin strive to create a beneficial experience for all!

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Greedy Goblins

Greedy Goblins is a 5555 nft collection that hoards the token $GREED. They are the beginning of the GREED brand which will branch out into other Greedy utilities such as mining, gambling and games.

Greedy Goblins already have non custodial staking for $GREED token – the more goblins = the more $GREED you get.
Greedy goblins have already partnered with Cardano Lands and House of Titans for more non custodial staking meaning that Greedy Goblin holders are already taking in plenty of rewards!

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Evolutions NFT

Evolutions is the next generation NFT project on the Cardano blockchain, offering collectors and gamers an unparalleled experience. With Evolutions, you can collect, level up, and evolve your digital companions, each with their own unique traits and abilities. Spanning six different companion types each with their own evolutionary line including lava, jungle, water, mountain, lightning, and dark, there are a total of 3,000 companions to discover and evolve. As you level up and earn EXP you can evolve your companion at level 5 and level 10 for new artwork and upgraded stats. Utility features like staking rewards (100% of secondary sales are rewarded to holders) and a thrilling battle arena game, Evolutions provides utility and excitement, setting a new standard in the world of NFTs. Get ready to immerse yourself in the evolution with Evolutions!

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