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Unbothered Wolves

Unbothered Wolves is an NFT project based on the Cardano blockchain. We’re bringing nostalgic cartoon artwork, amazing lore, and unbothered vibes. Concurrently, developing tools for the entire CNFT ecosystem.

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Lion City

We are building a custom platform for our community to use for the updating of Unlucky Lions metadata. As we grow our community and add metaverse partnerships, this platform will be used to update and change the metadata of custom made Lucky Lion Avatars. Community Takeover 2-27-2023.

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On-Chain Pirates

On-Chain Pirates is a community of treasure hunters and pirates united in our love of NFTs and the open seas. Our goal is to create a smart contract platform called the Black Market where NFT holders can spend their earned $AZTEC for a variety of rewards.

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Club Mars

An NFT set that lets you create your own utility through customisation of products through our soon to be revamped website. Whether creating your own brand or website, or just looking to flex off clean NFT gear or jewellery.

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Racoons Club

We are a community where everyone wins. Initially, we are sharing a collection of high-quality PFPs, and in the following stages, we will introduce a play-to-earn game, staking, and raffle systems

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Join the Cybears revolution, fueled by powerful Kybears crystals and a commitment to love and legacy. Together, we build a brighter future and lead the charge in the Web3 movement.

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