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TKF is an NFT project based on the Cardano Blockchain bringing Real World Assets in specialised construction plant to the blockchain. Our mission is to plant the flag for the way businesses invest in and manage these assets, creating a secure, transparent, and efficient ecosystem.

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$Kiseki is the 1st AI MEMECOIN on Cardano.
What does that mean? Kiseki has been entirely imagined by a decentralized AI, Bittensor.

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Angel Finance

Angel Fianance is an Angel themed passive income project on Cardano. The money raised from the $Angels ITO will be used to farm yield, trade CNTs, participate in ISPOs and trade stock options. Profits are paid out every month.

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Cardano Kooks

Revolutionizing Education: Our web3 projects integrate blockchain, foster creativity, and promote well-being through arts for a healthier, inclusive society.

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Sweed Dreams

Sweed Dreams, a well-established Web2 cannabis company, is venturing into Cardano to bring real-world utility and foster the most vibrant Web3 cannabis community. With a dreamy island hotel and an extensive lineup of over 120 products, the possibilities are endless

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Baggytton UFO club

The uniqueness of Project Baggytton UFO Club (BUC) lies in our unwavering commitment to bringing innovative idea of NFT inter-network swapping to broaden the reach of the CNFT (Cardano Non-Fungible Token) community.

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Cardano Suns

Cardano Suns is a project about Mental Health and motivation that puts end in darkness and turn the lights on! ☀️The future is bright! 🌞

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Cardano Casino

Cardano Casino was established with the vision of revolutionizing the online gambling experience by integrating cutting-edge Blockchain and Web3 technology. We aim to provide a comprehensive casino platform that offers a diverse range of online casino games to cater to all players.

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