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The Yard of Horror

Gamefy is a new project on the Cardano blockchain that stands out by releasing its games for free before the first mint, allowing players to try them on mobile and PC, and decide if they want to engage in P2E opportunities for potential financial gains.

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The Creatures

The Creatures are here to connect communities across block chains with events online and IRL. We are a brand built around community and supporting the NFT space as a whole.

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Monkey Frogs

“Monkey Frogs” are the next big meme craze on Polygon that includes exciting frog boxes, and revenue sharing that is not solely reliant on NFT sentiment.

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“ΛNΛTHEMΛS” is an ancient bloodline of fierce warriors and crafty citizens wandering the CNFT realms and causing mayhem. Consisting of 3,111 none auto-generated PFPs; all shall arrive in time to disturb your peace.

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Chikara is a collection of 7000 “PFP” NFTs that gives you access to Kazoku (which means Family): A place where different Web3 believers all around the world with various talents and interests come together to create a strong Kazoku. Chikara holders will receive access to various exclusive utilities, experiences, drops, and more.

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Savage Bears

Savage Bears NFT is an exclusive NFT project that showcases a collection of 5555 unique bears residing on the Cardano blockchain.

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